New News

New Rules For 2024:

1- HDCP’s will be based on the previous seasons AVG. (see below; hdcps were calculated using RiorGiero’s 50% based algorithm)

2- A player will NOT be able to choose which holes to take their strokes on this year.  Instead, players will get their strokes based on the courses handicaps for each hole.

3- Drop dead date; Any match not played by 8/25 will result in a lose for both players. NO EXCEPTIONS.  Any extension will be decided by the commissioner.

4- A player may only be eligible for the playoffs if he completes 12 out of 13 matches for the season although forfeits ARE NOT encouraged for the integrity of the league.

5- The maximum score on any hole will not exceed double par, unless the score requires to exceed double par to determine the winner of the hole.

6- If a match finishes before 18 holes and one or both players decide to leave without completing 18 holes, they will receive PARS for every hole not completed, which will count towards their handicap for next season.  ALSO NOT ENCOURAGED.  If the players decide to continue playing after the match is over they will not receive higher than a double bogey on any hole for the remainder of the round.

7- Playoffs format: Top 4 players make the playoffs.  Bottom 8 players have a play-in match to make the 8 spots in the playoffs.  13th player does not make the play-offs. Players are re-seated and top seat plays bottom seat ETC.  Finals match will be 36 holes.  Any match ending in a tie after 18 holes will be awarded to the top playoff seed.  Except in the finals where another 18 holes will be played.

8- No show/No call results in a lose for the player that did not show.

9- Purse: $100 per man: $600 for champion, $300 for runner-up, $200 Points Leader (Points Leader’s name remains a trophy spot), $200 for third place (MUST play match to qualify for payout)

10- Lift, Clean, Place in fairways only.  Opponent must agree if there is any doubt.

11- Regular season tie breaker is as follows:

     #1- Head to head

     #2- Number of wins

     #3- Win against highest seed

11- NEW RULE FOR 2023:  

SCENARIO A: If you hit your ball toward any area where it’s questionable if your ball will be found or your ball will be unplayable, including OB, your match opponent can request that you hit a provisional.  This will mean that if your first ball is lost or OB, you must play your provisional ball as your 4th shot.  

SCENARIO B: If your opponent does not request a provisional and your first ball winds up being lost or OB, then you play your third shot from a drop where you believe it crossed the tree line at 2 club lengths.

If a player hits both their first shot and provisional towards an area where it might be lost or OB and both are lost or OB they will play their “provisional” as SCENARIO B. They will be hitting their 5th shot from where their provisional crossed the tree line at 2 club lengths.  No player will hit more than 1 provisional.

WHITE STAKES: OUT OF BOUNDS: Play your provisional ball.

YELLOW STAKES: WATER HAZARD: Play provisional or drop any point BEHIND the hazard with 1 stroke penalty.

RED STAKES: LATERAL WATER HAZARD:  Drop within 2 club lengths from where your ball crossed into the hazard with a 1 stroke penalty.

Here are the 2024 HDCP’s based on last season’s AVG.’s

1 – Ethan Riedel – 88.0 avg. – 0 HDCP

2 – Lou Verdugo – N/A avg. – 0 HDCP

3 – Ed Nusser Jr. – N/A avg. – 0 HDCP

4 – Dave Benedict – N/A avg. – 0 HDCP

5 – Joe Infantino – 87.9 avg. – 2 HDCP

6 – Kevin Kussmaul – 93.2 avg. – 4.5 HDCP

7 – Serry Dada – 94.7 avg. – 5.5 HDCP

8 – John Ruggiero – 95.3 avg. – 5.5 HDCP

9 – Gary Carr – 95.4 avg. – 5.5 HDCP

10 – Mike Ferraoili – 96.5 avg. – 6.5 HDCP

11 – Joe Cosoleto – 98 avg. – 7 HDCP

12 – Wilson Yen – 98.9 avg. – 7.5 HDCP

13 – Jason Chachich – 100.3 avg. – 8 HDCP